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What Are The 5 Types Of Painting?


Oct 14, 2022
What Are The 5 Types Of Painting?

Painting is the art of creating images. The different styles include landscape, portrait, and still life. There is also encaustic art. In this article, we will look at the types of paint and the medium they use. Once you know these, you can start creating your works of art.

Still life:

Still, life is a genre of painting that deals with objects, which often are living and dead. Its themes are simple and often reflect religious beliefs. For instance, apples signify knowledge and temptation in Christianity, while grapes represent the pleasure and lust associated with the god Bacchus. Similarly, pomegranates are associated with the Greek goddess Persephone.


A portrait is a type of painting that features a particular person as the subject of the painting. It can be of a single person, a group of people, or even a self-portrait. Another type of portrait is known as genre painting, and this type of painting features a scene that happens to be part of everyday life. Unlike landscape painting, genre paintings represent life as it is in reality.


Encaustic is an old art form that uses heated wax to create a textured and smooth surface. Some artists use stencils or wood blocks to create designs or images. Others use brushes to apply oil paint or alcohol ink. Another unique encaustic technique is intaglio, which uses incising tools to cut into the wax, leaving distinctive lines. Some encaustic artists rub an oil stick into the incised areas.


Watercolor is one of the oldest art forms and has a long and rich history. The medium was used by the ancient Egyptians to color maps and decorate illuminated manuscripts and was also used by European artists in the Renaissance to create studies of nature. As paper became more common in the Western world, watercolor paintings took on a whole new creative dimension. Watercolor’s many benefits include its ease of application and the transparency and brilliance of its colors.

Oil-based paints:

Oil-based paints are usually thick and opaque and contain pigments such as linseed oil. They also tend to dry slowly, with fewer brush strokes and streaks. Oil-based paints can also be UV resistant. In addition, oil-based paints are less toxic than their water-based counterparts.

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