Voice Over Jobs Are Easier to Get For Voice Actors

If you are searching for work as a paid voice over talent then you know first hand how competitive and difficult it can be securing voice over jobs. With animation and Internet projects on the increase and the ever-present radio and television commercials around us the number of jobs have increased. Unfortunately for the voice over job seeker, so has the pool of qualified talent. Mark Hauser

You are already aware that becoming a successful working voice over professional takes plenty of instruction, practice, hard work, networking and tutelage. But to advance to the upper echelons of the preferred list you will need to find a way that sets you apart from the masses.

One proven way to enhance your voice over skills is to gain experience as an onstage actor. Playing a character in a theatrical production on stage in front of a live audience will give you the added dimension of using not only your voice to communicate dialog, but also your entire body.

Working on stage with other actors and having the opportunity of interpreting a character will provide the chance to develop new skills. These new abilities will strengthen your power to make your next voice over script jump off the page and direct to the target audience.

Your on stage premier does not have to be a professional production. Gaining the experience should be the focus of this extra curricular event. Each city has a community theatre scene that offers various levels of talent and a variety of productions at several theatres, churches and auditoriums.

Finding the audition schedule is usually as easy as searching the Internet for the local community theatre web site. You will find that the local casting directors will be more than happy to provide an opportunity to a hard working newbie in the production, as many hopefuls at local area auditions will have no experience at all.

So what are you waiting for? Begin thinking of your instrument as not only your voice, but your entire body. It is time to market yourself not as a voice over announcer, but as a voice over actor.


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