Skateboarding – Brief History and Information

A person who rides on the skateboard is referred as a skateboarder, or simply a skater. The act for riding the skateboard and tricks performing over the skateboard is called the skateboarding.

First thing that will cross in your mind when you talk about skateboarding are boys, wearing their helmets along with their knee pads and doing some amazing stunts with their skateboarding boards.

The skateboarding gives the impression like sport for the boys only, but in 1970’s boys and girls are both skateboarding. During the 80’s, skateboarding went hardcore and the girls stopped riding.

Girls are starting to get back to riding the skateboard. According to them, girls can also enjoy it as much as the guys do. There is Elisa Steamer, she is a skateboarding star that started her skateboarding at her early age of 12 and she became professional on 1988.

Skateboarding basically has its origin from the surfboarding way back in time, the Californian surfers had got into the idea of surfing the street, and so they got their boards unto the streets and the skateboarding was born. electric skateboard with remote control

The first skateboard was a curious invention, it was made by a wooden board attached with a roller skates. On 1975, the first skateboarding competition was finalized at Ocean Festival, Del Mar California. Alan Gelfand invented the maneuver called as the “Ollie Pop” in 1978. Olli pop involves with the slamming of foot on the end tail of skateboard in able to lift the board along with the skateboarder to the air.

To these days, almost all of the tricks are based to the ollie pop. Another well known name in the skateboarding community is Tony Hawk; he was the world’s best skateboarder at his early age of 16.

The skateboarding sport is evolving still and the companies are manufacturing high-tech skate boards. Skateboards for girls are lighter and more flexible; in fact, the company that manufactures skateboard for girls is named “Girls”.

Skateboarding is an amazing sport and it can help you greatly to keep yourself fit. It is challenging and it involves a lot of tricks such as jumps, flips, slides, grinds, grabs and degrees. Other tricks need ramps or they are called the transition tricks while the other tricks are done on the flat grounds otherwise on off curbs or called the street tricks.

Quick Internet browsing for “women” or “girls” snowboarding can bring you more information about the girls who are interested in snowboarding. There are more competitions offered to challenge the girls such as The Ride, All Girl Skate Jam and the famous World Cup Skateboarding.

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