Saft – The Battery Option for Those “In the Know”

Batteries are the energy source used in many of our day to day electronic products. If you stop and think about it, batteries run calculators, cameras, pencil sharpeners, computers and yes, even buses, trains, and satellites. Without the right battery, life could come to a standstill. This is why large battery manufacturers are constantly looking for newer and better battery options for all types of devices. When you look at a battery, it’s hard to imagine all the time, design and planning that went into such a simple looking product. But in truth, batteries, like many other products in our lives take a lot of design, engineering, and trial and error procedures to get the final product – a battery that is long lasting, inexpensive and portable (what everyone wants).

Where Can I Find Saft Batteries?

Saft is a 40-year old, experienced manufacturer of battery products for industry, military and now, consumer use. They produce large customized battery options for other industries, but also make the small AA 3.6 lithium batteries most consumers use to power mobile commercial and personal devices of all types. You can expect to see Saft AA batteries in products like your cool Apple device, sonar dog collar, remote controls, alarm system, mobile computing devices used in stores, ticketing devices, vehicles and many other electronic devices.

Why isn’t Saft a Well Recognized Brand? Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers

Actually, Saft is known in the business and manufacturing industry as the best battery maker in the world. They are known to produce the best and longest lasting batteries on the market. They can customize and create any type of battery for any industry, and industry leaders know they can depend on Saft products.

However, the general consumer is not as familiar with Saft products, because the company doesn’t advertise to end-consumers the way other battery companies do. This doesn’t mean Saft products are unreliable or of poor quality. To the contrary, Saft offers the best in battery technology available. Even so, only the real “techies” know of this hidden secret.

What Type of General Consumer Batteries Does Saft Manufacture?

Although Saft makes many different types of batteries for a variety of industries, they also make small lithium-ion AA batteries for general consumers. The reason for making such a standard battery is because manufacturing and industry personnel needed a reliable battery to power small devices like graph readers, ticket devices, alarm systems, inventory takers and more. There was a need for reliable, durable and inexpensive AA batteries to power these devices, and Saft engineers filled the need.



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