Hand Woven Amish Wicker Baskets for Everyone

Primitive women from years ago took laundry to the river’s to clean their clothes, they balanced their baskets on their heads.

These women also made their baskets by hand weaving sturdy and strong baskets. Also the women wore a head basket to help them carry their groceries while shopping at the markets and it kept their hands free to check the vegetables, fruits out just as any other woman in the country would before buying.

In the early 1900’s England Edwardian the wicker baskets were used for the postal services, wicker baskets were used in the sorting offices to sort the mail. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Another 1900th century wicker baskets was made for delivery of papers and on the wicker top was a leather panel, to attach the paper delivery addresses. This was by the White Brothers dating from around 1880’s, great for storing shoes, boots, for the different seasons and if not boots and shoes or sheets and blankets. The basket stands on metal castors for easy moving from room to room.

Vintage baskets from the 1910’s was used to collect vegetables from the vegetable gardens, these sturdy woven baskets lasted for years. Also these baskets for the farmers wives to put eggs in while collecting fresh eggs each morning.

Families from the 1910’s also had the picnic baskets to take the children for picnics out into the woods where the rivers are so the children could go swimming. They would empty their food from the picnic baskets after their swimming with their big appetites to have lunch. Now emptying the dishes from the second picnic basket and setting their blankets on the ground to set the food upon. Would continue to eat their lunch.

In the 1960’s in Italy, they had the wicker freestanding lamps for reading, and better lighting in the home.

Now in the 20th century wicker baskets are made by machines. Patio furniture, living room, bedroom wicker furniture etc. Not made with the heart or strong hands nowadays.


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