Get to Know New House Framing Materials

If you’re like most people, when you think of the materials that are used in house framing, you picture basic lumber. What you may not know though, is that over the years new engineered wood products, and metal hardware has been developed that you can use to build a sturdier, and safer home. building materials suppliers

Finger Jointed Studs

Finger jointed studs are made by cutting 2 x 4s up into short blocks, and them rejoining theses blocks back together end to end, to form actual framing studs. So why are they a better product? They’re better because by cutting the wood up, it eliminates any grain running continuously along the length of the stud, and this stops twisting and warping

Engineered Wood Floor Joists

Engineered floor joists come in a few different types, with one of the most popular being what are commonly referred to as j-joists or, truss joists. They are made from thin pressed osb that has a thick plywood border strip on both the top and the bottom. They’re lighter to install, perfectly flat, so they don’t need to be crowned, and they can span longer distances.

Glu-Lams for House Framing

Glu-lams are are made by shredding wood into long thin strips then gluing, and pressing the strips into long thick lumber to replace beam material like 4 x12s. So what’s the benefit of using glu-lams in house framing? The benefits are that they don’t warp or twist, and are in fact stronger, so they can span greater distances.

New Engineered Metal Hardware

There is a huge selection of various types of metal hardware that can be installed in several areas during house framing. Hurricane clips for instance, are installed on the outer perimeter of a home, up on the top plates. They attach to the rafters or, the trusses on one end, and to the top plates at the other, and help to keep the roof from blowing off in strong winds.


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