Gerber Knives Make For Proud Possessions of Hunters

Knives are very much a part of the equipment in the list for people who go camping and hunting. They come in use for various activities like clearing bush, cleaning of game or even as part of camping gear in rugged conditions. A company that has always been at the forefront of the making of such knives for the few decades is the one founded by Joseph Gerber. Knives made by the Gerber Company started out as kitchen knives which were used as complimentary gifts. Their quality caught the attention of large retailers who soon started listing Gerber knives in their catalogs for hunters.

Gerber knives have been used as camping gear and as hunting tools and have seen wide application. Most huntsmen boast of having at least one Gerber knife. These knives made by Gerber meant for the outdoors have bolt locking systems and can be locked with the push of a button. Some knives can also be clipped on and used even while diving. Some Gerber knives have special molded handles and rubber grips that make for enhanced gripping. Gerber is known for their knives which are famous for their stainless steel blades that are made of a high carbon content and have a coating of titanium nitride that gives it very long life. oem knife manufacturers 

Gerber knives come with a lot of different blade styles and your choice can depend on the use that you intend to make of such knives. Knives made by Gerber have become very acceptable gifts for hunters and there a number of models that can work as all round tools instead of just as knives. Blades can have double edges or come with points. Ridged or folding blades make the choice of Gerber knives still wider and increase the number of uses that such knives can be put to. Quality and dependability are the hallmark of knives made by the Gerber Company and their models never disappoint.

Pocket knives made by Gerber are extremely popular and are very small and versatile and easily carried by any hunter or camper. They come with a textured aluminum handle and have a selection that include knives with straight edges or having a combination of other edges. These knives are very light, compact and fit easily into any pocket. Some even come with a pocket clip that can make it very convenient to carry around. Bottle openers are part of these knives and thus make very handy things to carry around even when you work around the house, arrange barbecues or go camping. There are other slightly larger Gerber knives that come with compact features and aluminum handles that make for low weight. These can fit in quite easily into a backpack and can become quite handy when you are out on the trail. Gerber knives with Tanto styled blades are huge favorites with hunters and come with a variety of edges. They can be easily opened with one hand with the thumb stud that is a standard fitting on most Gerber knives. Handles can come with textured inlays that make for almost personalized Gerber knives that are a proud possession of many campers and hunters.

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