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What Is Family Therapy? 5 Techniques & Interventions


Dec 15, 2022
What Is Family Therapy? 5 Techniques & Interventions

Using behavioral techniques, family therapists seek to help their clients learn and practice new skills that can be used to handle future conflicts. This is an important family therapy near me because it can lead to more effective family communication. It can also improve problem-solving skills.

 Psychodynamic techniques:

A more sophisticated approach involves blending the best of different types of treatment. This includes psychodynamic techniques to identify and address the emotional reactions to a family’s problems. Depending on the therapist’s style, the techniques may include role-playing, visualization, and meditation. Combining these methods can lead to greater insight into a family’s problems.

To understand the underlying feelings and behaviors, a therapist may also track the family’s responses to intense emotions, such as anger or frustration. This process can interrupt problematic behavior and reveal the true underlying emotions. This is particularly helpful in cases where a family is not coping with its issues.

EFFT process (emotionally focused family therapy):

Some therapists use the EFFT process (emotionally focused family therapy) to increase responsiveness in a family. It involves assessing a family’s interaction styles, de-escalating conflicts, and identifying its main strengths and weaknesses. This process is divided into nine steps that may be completed in a series of sessions.

Couple therapy:

A therapist may also use a couple’s therapy style of intervention. This short-term therapy can increase empathy, attentiveness, and attachment between partners. It also helps couples identify and remove emotional blocks that cause them to not listen to each other. It allows a therapist to set goals for the couple and chart a course for the future.

Multimodal technique:

Other therapists use a multimodal technique that integrates aspects of various types of treatment. This can be useful in treating adolescents with conduct problems or those suffering from gender disparity. It can also be beneficial in several situations, including working with an abused partner.

Systemic model:

Another family therapy technique is the systemic model. This model combines several theorists’ ideas, including strategic, structural, and experiential concepts. It’s a good idea to know a little about these techniques before you start your search. It’s also a good idea to learn about the different schools of family therapy. Some are more focused on individual issues, while others focus on various factors, including cultural or historical factors.