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What Are 1RL Tattoo Needles Used For? 


Nov 1, 2022
What Are 1RL Tattoo Needles Used For?

A 1RL tattoo needle is a special needle with a single, fine point. This kind of needle allows for more detailed, intricate machine tattoos. It’s also good for smaller details within larger pieces. The most common use of a 1RL tattoo needle is for micro-realistic tattoos. Read on to learn more about these needles. 

Round liners:

Tattoo artists use round liners to keep the needles from puncturing the skin. These liners are medical-grade surgical steel and contain no harmful chemicals or substances. A 1RL needle cartridge is best for lining work, but you can also use them for color fills. These liners are available in various sizes and are labeled FL or FS.

Infinity needles are available in packs of 50 or 20 to prevent the needle from bending during the tattooing process. Infinity tattoo needles are made of premium-grade stainless steel and are configured with a medium taper and a 12 gauge. They are sterile and come with a date-stamped expiration sticker.

Turbo needles:

There are several different kinds of tattoo needles. Most of them are designed for tattoos, except the 1RL turbo tattoo needle, mostly reserved for single-needle tattoos. These needles can be used for various purposes, from filling the smallest tattoo areas to shading large areas. They also come in different configurations.

Turbo needles are hollow and have a central hollow point. This allows them to hold more ink and not penetrate the skin. This means they don’t require constant refilling. Furthermore, they offer greater stability for tattoo artists. This means you can get the perfect filling no matter what tattoo machine you use.

Curved/CM magnums:

Tattoo needles come in many sizes and configurations, each determining the pattern and shape of the ink applied to the skin. For example, a twelve-gauge needle is also called a round liner, as it has a round, tight formation. Other configurations are flats, stacked magnums, and weaved magnums.

One type of curved/CM magnum is a double-stack model with twice the number of pins than a single-stack version. The double-stack configuration is popular among traditional artists because it produces more intense and vibrant color and texture than a single-stack needle. This shape is also ideal for packing in rich black in tribal tattoos.

A round shader needle has sharp tips and is commonly used for shading or linework. The round shader is similar to a round liner, but the tips are less closely packed. This creates a thicker line. In addition, a flat needle is used for shading or linework.