Filmmaking of Short Videos

If you want to release your short film, you’d better make some exquisite press packets to promote the short movie. This is a good as well as effective way to promote small-budget film. Sure, if you buy used video equipment or rent xdcam to shoot the film, you can take use of press packets to get the short movie known by more people. As you are not a famous movie director, your press packets should be attractive, so others would like to know more about your movie.

You can put several things in the press kits, such as newspaper clippings, press releases about your short film. Send these press kits to journalists, executives in the film industry and film critics. After these recipients read press releases regarding to your short move, your short movie may attract press and buzz in public. And more and more people would like to watch your work.

Put newspaper clippings, press releases and other printed materials in portfolio folders, which have plastic sheets. You’d better put each piece of printed material in a single portfolio folder. Otherwise, you can print all your materials into paper and bound these materials professionally. Each piece of material should have a cover sheet with the name of the film festival and dates. buy TikTok followers UK

Don’t forget to write a statement for your short film, and the statement can tell the audience about the synopsis of your movie that is going to be shown on screen. If it is the debut of your short movie in a film festival, you need to write an attractive summary to catch people’s hearts and allure their desire to watch your short movie. As there are many movie goers and critics on the festival, you can also write a summary for your video in a professional way.

Write biographies of yourself and key staff involved in your short movie. It is a team work to shoot a short movie, so you need to let your staff known by the audience. And journalists can also know some background information of your short video. And the press packets can also tell others about the short video’s theme or basic tone or history. As you have printed many materials into paper, others can get some information about the short movie before the premier. Of course, you can make a special video to record the process to shoot your short video. That will be very interesting, too. Take pictures of your video producers and cast members, and these pictures are precious memories during the shooting project.

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