Different Types of Mechanical Seals

As it is well-known to us, the leakages of oil or some other liquids in products would lead to a serious problem during the industrial process. It is necessary and important to use something to avoid these kinds of situations. The mechanical seal comes into being. Generally speaking, it is widely used to serve plumbing systems which are also highly favored in joining mechanisms as well as the adhesives work.

Mechanical seal is a mechanical device to prevent the leakage in products through a pair or several vertical axis affecting on the end face. They are functioned to maintain the joint under the action by the fluid pressure or magnetic influence. We can infer the advantages of the mechanical seal from the compare to other sealing accessories. Within the reliable performance, long time service, low power consumption and small amount of disclosure, mechanical seals rise to be outstanding among other choices. Furthermore, it need not be maintained frequently. It is designed to be applicable for the working environments of high-temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, high-speed and a variety of strong corrosive medium in the production automobile process. At the most occasions, mechanical seals work with the help of a rotating shaft. Mechanical seals generally include the types of induction sealing, adhesive and sealants and flange gaskets. mechanical seal company 

Induction sealing is the so-called cap sealing. It is a kind of mechanical seals which adapts a non-contact heating method. When the container is filled with the material, the sealing would transpire. It is mostly used to the use of a foil hermetic to the container. The foil is either reeled or pre-cut and is placed and pressed down to the material. Thus, the induction process bonds the seal to the container.

The concrete and drywalls would make a sealant familiar to us, I suppose. It is commonly described as a viscous material which is effective in preventing air, dust or other things to penetrate. With the characters of indissolubility and corrosion resistance, adhesive or sealants are widely used in the industrial process.

The last type is the flange gaskets. They are popular in the sections of pipes to provide a higher surface area. Certainly, they hold various sizes according to the diameter of the pipes. They are deeply divided into sheet gaskets, spiral wound gaskets and ring gaskets with particular specifications. To some extents, it is easy to distinguish from each other. For instance, sheet gaskets mostly have bolt holes. And those with stainless steel inner and outer rings are spiral wound gaskets.


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